Automated Crypto Arbitrage Bots
Made Easy

Every time crypto exchanges have different prices, our users usually make some coins. Buy low at Binance and sell high at OKX simultaneously. You will be able to buy crypto low and sell it high within seconds at several centralised exchanges almost at the same time whenever there are price differences meeting your minimum spread target. Perfect for crypto that cannot be staked.

ArbHodL dashboard

How does it work?

We placed all the widely used centralised crypto exchanges on this platform and built you sophisticated arbitrage bots that monitor the crypto exchanges for price differences, and uses your exchange balances to conclude an arbitrage transaction whenever price differences above 0.33% are detected (if both exchanges have maximum of 0.1% trading fee each, otherwise set correct fees as per your exchanges when deploying bots.).

How does it work How does it work

Our Features

No coding required. You are empowered to compete with professional algorithmic traders.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly website, very responsive and compatible to all tablets and phones.

Safe & Secure

Military grade AES encryption on all your data. Private keys not required.


No API wallet withdrawal permission is required. All your crypto is safe.

Experts Support

Live chat is available for any queries at the bottom right of screen or on fiverr during working hours.

Bidirectional Exchange

Buy low and sell high happens on all connected exchanges on all directions when there are price differences.

Recuring Arbitrage

The Arbitrage happens for as long as you have a combination of the correct coins on the exchanges with price difference.

Easily Deploy Arbitrage Bots

A beginner-friendly and easy platform to automatically arbitrage your favorite exchanges, including Binance, OKX, Mexc, etc.

Buy a ArbHodL private server

Buy Arb Volume

Register, Login and Go to the ArbV(Arb Volume) Plan page and buy some ArbV to run your bots uninterrupted. Only crypto is accepted as payment and method of payment is coinpayments.net. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!

Connect your exchanges to ArbHodL

Connect Your Exchanges

Go to your Exchanges and create APIs with trading permissions then copy them and come back login to ArbHodL.com, then go to Exchanges Page, choose the exchange on list, paste the API credentials and click Connect.

Deploying arbitrage bot

Deploy Arbitrage Bot

Go to the Bots page and click top right green button, name your bot, choose from drop downs, put fees, and click Create Bot. Find your newly created bot on Bots page, click the amber circle just once, it turns green. Deployed, and Done!